Saturday, April 13, 2013

Classic Cars

Gorgeous day to do errands via bike today.

Goal was to devise a circle route that would put last errand in Herndon at Great Harvest Bread store. (YUM).

I wanted to geocache along the way (before the bugs and poison ivy get too bad) so stopped to pick one up about 2 miles from the house. Very clever hide, disturbingly close to some houses.  Logged it and then got back on the bike.

Headed toward the post office to mail a copy of the slide show we did for my dad's service to my sister. Did you know the post office doesn't have bike racks? How rude!

Got back on the trail and headed towards Herndon. Stopped to eat my PBJ at Reston Station where a 10-ish year old boy was kicking a soccer ball around. His dad had just left for a run on the trail telling him to stay put and do NOT go into the 7-11 nearby.  I ate slowly so the kid wasn't by himself for too long. I found the "leave the kid there" approach a little disturbing, but I guess the kid was old enough to yell if someone tried to take him.

Back on the trail decided to go the Reston Town Center to post some volunteer flyers for the Reston Youth Triathlon. There was a classic car show going on.  Oh my goodness, the level of testosterone was intense!

And this is just a sample!  Most of them were red (arrest-me red).  All of them were expensive, but not necessarily valuable, according to one guy I heard talking.

After I left there I stopped by a Starbucks to post another flyer and then finally rode over to Herndon. Saturday drivers are a little bit cranky!

Finally got to Great Harvest, had a sample of spinach feta, and traded in my filled punch card for a loaf of Apple Scrapple.

Stopped by the brand new bike shop there and then headed home. On the way stopped to claim another cache.

Total: 13 miles, 2 caches, perfect weather.  A good day.


The Bug said...

Sounds like a great day. Apple scrapple - yum!

Life in a Small Town said...

Very cool that you can do so many errands on your bike!