Saturday, April 27, 2013

Gorgeous Day on the Trail

Today my friend Lori and I rode in Paul's Ride for Life.  It's a charity ride established by the widow of a cyclist who died in an accident while out riding several years ago.  No one really knows what happened other than that something caused him to lose control and fly over the handlebars. He was wearing a helmet, but landed in such a way that his brain stem was impacted.  He never regained consciousness and his family donated his organs.  Thus, the ride is a fundraiser for Washington Regional Transplant Community.

It was a beautiful day, cool when we started at 8:30 but perfect as we finished at 10:30.  We rode 25 miles. Some went 50 but I'm glad we stopped.  I've not been able to get on the bike all week.

Oh, and on our way back from the turn-around point, we saw a Great Blue Heron fishing in a pond.  Sweet!

The reason I couldn't ride is that we've had contractors at the house. We're finally doing the last of the 3 bathrooms! This is what we started with.

The shower in there was like a cave but the ceiling was higher than the ceiling in the sink area, so steam and everything would get trapped inside the shower creating mold issues.  So we're doing the 3/4 wall with a glass panel from the wall to the ceiling, and adding a light in the shower, along with retiling with lighter tile and re-doing the floor. Adding a new vanity and mirror ... and painting.

On Thursday they were taking the old tile in the shower out and discovered that behind it was not backer board or drywall but CONCRETE, probably state of the art when the bathroom was built in 1967.  They banged ALL DAY LONG and the parakeet screeched in sympathy.  My blood pressure was through the roof!

But here's the mid-stage photo after they finished getting the concrete out.  Yikes!

And now

We are getting there!

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