Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Body is WHOSE Temple?

Scripture tells us our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and admonishes us to be good stewards. That should drive us to eat and drink moderately, exercise and monitor our health. After all, we want to be healthy in order to be ready to whatever He calls us to do.

I was thinking about this today during church. I was filled with a peace and joy that I've not felt in church for a while. Part of it has been due to my being out so much going and coming to Texas, but part of it has just been a vague dissatisfaction with the whole "thing."

Then it hit me -- a big part of the reason I felt peace and joy today was that I wasn't feeling fat and unexercised!  Well, yes, I'm still too fat and need to keep moving, but just the mere act of being outside yesterday on my ride and then working with the mulch had lifted my spirits!

I needed sunshine! I needed to tire my muscles! I needed to feel the wind in my ... helmet! And I needed to feel the sense of accomplishment that I ALWAYS feel after I've been on a good ride.

So my prescription for the blahs is get outside, soak up some Vitamin D and exert some effort to do something that requires no key strokes!

Ride,walk, whatever.  Just MOVE!  I'm going outside now.

**Just got back from my ride and the bad news is, the weather wasn't cold enough long enough to kill the darn mosquitoes!  Yikes!  I'd forgotten that little item!  Apparently they don't realize that my body is the temple of holy spirit and they are NOT WELCOME!

On the other hand, it's 63 degrees out there and PERFECT weather for riding!

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The Bug said...

I AM going to add bicycling to my list! I want to at least rent a bike & see how it feels with all my various aches & pains (my hip has been unhappy lately - and I'm afraid that something has gone wrong with the resurfacing). Thanks for giving me the idea!