Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ugh the Photos

Went for a long ride yesterday that turned out longer than I had planned.  On my way to meet the ladies I was riding with, the pedestrian/bike path across the toll road was blocked by construction.  The detour was 2 miles.  When I got to the next crossing point, there was utility construction but I decided to just go through it best I could.  So instead of 3 miles to get to the starting point, it was 5 miles.

Then we started riding and talking and had such a good time that we were at Goose Creek, our turn around point, and realized we'd best head back.  Ai-yi-yi.  By the time I got home my odometer read 46.3 miles.  I was whipped! It says I burned 2927 calories!

I hate having my photo taken, but I not only took this one but I'm posting it so at the end of the summer, if I keep riding, we all see an improvement in my shape.  Hopefully.  So here we are, with the lovely Luck Stone Quarry in Loudoun County as a back drop.

Cathy, Lori, Me

Cathy made us stop twice, but I only got a photo once...she is now officially the snake whisperer of the Babes on Bikes. 

That pavement feels really good to a snake belly -- sun-warmed. Unfortunately, they're at risk because they go perpendicular to the trail, and when they're as long as this one, it's tough to avoid them. He looks kind of kinked up, but once Cathy convinced him to move, he moved in that sinuous way they do with perfect curvature, so he's fine.

Today the weather has been rainy, and I had a dentist appointment over in Alexandria, so my backside is getting a rest from riding.  Whew.  But I saw a cool license plate on the way there.


The Bug said...

I think you look pretty good myself :)

I wonder if I would freak out if I saw a snake on the trail? Probably not if it wasn't very large - but who knows?

OK, so what does the license plate mean - something to do with eczema? :)

SouthLakesMom said...

I think it says "thanks ma"

Sweet Tea said...

YIKES!! Do the snakes "spook" you a bit? They would me! Great idea of taking the photo for a before and after. I CAN.NOT. even imagine riding a bike for that distance. AMAZING!!

The Bug said...

Oh yeah - duh. :)