Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Great Day for a RIDE

My car picked up a drywall nail in the tire this weekend, so I took it in today to have it plugged and switched. The dealership is about 10 miles from my house (by bike), so I used the opportunity to ride back and enjoy the GORGEOUS day.  I mean really, 73 degrees and a light breeze. What's not to like?

Small town over -- Vienna, VA.  The W&OD trail, a former railroad
bed, runs all the way from Arlington County to Purcellville, VA. The trail is lovely
on weekdays when very few people are out. A bit tougher to navigate on
weekends due to the clucless!

Cherry blossoms in Vienna

About halfway home. A veritable carpet of small yellow blooms.
Absolutely delightful ride today.

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The Bug said...

Lovely! I hope to be one of those clueless folks at some point this summer :)