Saturday, April 6, 2013

Salvaging a ride

I rode in a women's event today.  The good points -- I met lots of nice women who like to cycle.  The bad points -- I changed from the casual ride to the medium and pooped out.  All that winter weather caught up with me.  Boy, was that embarrassing!

When I got home I hauled and spread mulch in our flower beds (no flowers grow in them due to the shade trees, but we still have them.  Go figure -- prior owners).  I did about half of them and I figure the guys can finish it when they return from flying.

Fortunately, it appears that spring has really sprung and we'll have nice weather tomorrow and most of next week.  I have a meeting in the next town over on Tuesday and I plan to ride. If the weather holds I'll ride to my meeting on Thursday too.  And Wednesday, I'm going to try to ride with the Babes on Bikes to see the Cherry Blossoms.  I plan to get lots of photos.  Stay tuned!

I think riding helps me get out of snarking mode.  I'm definitely too tired to be clever.


Sweet Tea said...

I sooooooo need some motivation and every time I read your Blog I get a twinge of motivation. One time it's gonna hit me BIG. Keep on peddling you're an encouragement!!

The Bug said...

I'm with Sweet Tea - although currently I'm just living vicariously through you. Ha!