Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A New Arrival

I finally took the plunge today and invested in a road bike. I started at REI but their stock had been cleaned out over the weekend. I needed to go to Green Lizard Cycling anyway, so I test rode some bikes there. The first one was a Raleigh and was ... 'meh'

The second was a Cannondale Synapse carbon fiber. Yeah, ouch in price. But, when I got on it to test ride, two things happened. First, I did not want to turn around at the 2 mile point. I wanted to go and go and go. Second, today was a muggy, HOT day, and I forgot how hot and bright it was when I was riding this baby.

So I went back and said, 'yes ... if the banker says yes.' And of course, my dear husband said, "if it makes you happy and it will help you stay healthy, go for it."

They measured and fit me, and I had them put my clip pedals on it. Tomorrow I'll really start to ride it. I need to put the water bottle cage on and some lights. This will be my "fun" bike, and my beloved Bianchi will become my "errand and work" bike.

So, ta-dah:


The Bug said...

It's a beauty! Congratulations :)

SouthLakesMom said...

Thank you!