Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Riding

What a perfect day to ride -- this is definitely one of our perfect 15 days!

I rode to the next town over (Vienna) to get my hair cut. The air was cool, humidity was low, and it felt like fall is coming.  Pumpkins, soup, football games, yessss.

My hair stylist wasn't thrilled that I was putting a bike helmet on top of her work, but in my book, it's better to have a helmet than hair that advertises.

I was almost home when a guy passing the other way turned around and came up beside me.  It was my friend Jeff from the bike advocacy group I belong to.  We're both involved with Safe Routes to School and are passionate about getting kids outside -- on bikes, walking, or whatever. Just GO OUT AND PLAY!

Jeff commented on my miles on The National Bike Challenge.  Trust me, I'm a piker compared to the people who actually bike commute. But still, it's nice to know that I'm accomplishing something as part of a team. It's also cool to look over the last three months and see a distinct pattern of healthy choices.  Okay, well my biking is healthy. Let's not talk about food right now.

What is funny is in the challenge when you enter your miles, you designate whether they were a) transportation, b) sport, or c)mountain biking.  So today, when I rode to Vienna and back, it was technically transportation, but I enjoyed the heck out of it, so does that make it sport?

At any rate, another 15 miles chalked up, and feeling good.


The Bug said...

Great job! I'm once again trying to get control of my eating... Ugh.

Mary Cooper said...

I'm so impressed with how you're riding your bike instead of taking the car!

Sweet Tea said...

What a Role - model you aretothose of us who are Couch Potatoes. I want to be YOU!!