Saturday, September 14, 2013

Apologies to Dr. Seuss

One bike, two bike
Red bike, Blue bike

I spent two hours today counting bikes at the intersection of our major regional rails-to-trails multi-use trail, and another trail that is mostly a commuter route.

It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day. In fact, when we first got there, I felt a little cold, especially up on the bridge. But no complaints because it was dry and cool and the blue sky was eye wateringly beautiful.

My son was with me helping. He was counting East - West (the multi use trail) and I was counting North South on the commuter trail. But it's Saturday so the commuter trail was pretty quiet, so I decided to count along with him.

The way it works it we make a hash mark for each person on a bike, recording the direction in which they're traveling. Every 15 minutes we move to the next diagram on our recording paper so the count can be broken down into 15 minute intervals.

Look at that sky!  Wow!

After about an hour he wasn't feeling very well and I was counting both directions anyway so I sent him home. Last message to him: Text me when you get home.

In the last 15 minutes a friend from my biking group stopped to talk and I almost messed up my count!

Overall I was surprised that on such a beautiful day there weren't more families out cycling and walking the trail.

I also saw a guy exit the regional trail, go down onto the protected commuter trail, hop out of that trail and then ride facing traffic on the shoulder. He was going southbound while the traffic was headed northbound. When he got to the next intersection, he crossed the 6 lanes of traffic so he could go southbound on the correct side of the street -- where there's no protected path.

I do understand why he did not want to go on the path for a southbound journey of any length. It is intersected by exit ramps, some of which are pretty scary. Sometimes it's safer to ride in traffic. But the riding southbound in the northbound lane.  Wow.

My son and I watched him do it and then I said, 'DO NOT even think of trying something like that." He grinned.

From the bridge on the trail above the major road.
The asphalt on the left is the protected trail.
The shoulder area next to it is where he was riding.
The big wide space where there are at least 4 ways to die is where 
he cut through.  Shiver.

And of course, he never texted me, so when I got to my next destination I called his phone.  Straight to voice mail. Then I texted him.  No answer. Finally I called our home phone and guess who answered? Yes, the child who was responsible for my blood pressure spike today.

He did apologize.

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The Bug said...

Ha! Reminds me that I'd better call Mike as soon as I get to my dad's house tomorrow! It will be the first time I've driven the 7.5 hours by myself.