Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Air Travel

I love being other places. I just don't like getting there.

Today isn't so bad.  I had an okay flight from Washington to Houston. One baby nearby and he was pretty good.  Mom had bought a seat for him, but he didn't stay in it for a minute. I bet if she'd brought his carseat on board and strapped him in, he would have accepted it as the norm and just hung in there. That's what we did when ours were that age and it worked a charm. They knew the carseat in the car wasn't negotiable, so they just accepted that the airplane was like the car.

Air travel seems to bring out the worst in people though. They don't want to pay the bag fee, so they overpack and bring it all to the gate, and then are shocked when they have to gSate check it...but that way they avoid the fee. (Little travel tip there for you).

Or they drag their big bag on anyway and take up twice as much room in the overhead bins. Or -- personal space. People are almost aggressive about it.  I feel like the person who gets stuck in the middle of the row should have unfettered access to both armrests. The guy next to me was doing this passive aggressive thing with the armrest on that side. I kept telling myself, "God loves him too."

He never did turn off his electronic devices and during our final descent he was putting his fingers into orifices on his face that I didn't want to think about.  Ick.  The guy on my right just slept so he was fine.  We were in an exit row so that meant lots of leg room which was cool.

To counter that experience with Mr. Elbow, I have to compliment the Houston terminal on what they've done to make passengers feel welcome and valued. Lots of plug-in places; lots of wi-fi. Good food choices, etc. Very clear signage and boarding information.

So different from Washington Dulles.  Welcome to the capital of the free world...bleh

So I have one more leg to travel, to see my mom in El Paso. Can't wait.


Sweet Tea said...

I'm so glad you're gonna get to visit with your Mom - it'll be worth all the inconveniences when you get there. I don't like to fly either, but for a whole set of different reasons. Enjoy!

The Bug said...

I don't enjoy air travel because it's BORING - and frustrating. And I always resent not being able to take ALL THE THINGS on a trip - ha! But I rarely fly in any case - really can't afford it & so far the places I want to go are with a day's drive :)

Nonnie said...

When we fly, I always try to get aisle seats across from each other. I can't stand being stuck in the middle. Air travel is just a lot of trouble, but if you're going far and to see somebody you love, it's worth the effort.