Saturday, September 7, 2013

Buggy Chasing

My friend Betty and I drove over to Dover, DE for the 27th Annual Amish Country Bike Tour. The day was perfect -- perfect weather, perfect driving, nice people, and a good cue sheet. Oh, something else very important, a FLAT course.  We could have done 50 given this course, but we didn't know. Next year...

When we were riding along one road, there were two little Amish boys, with their blue shirts and bright blonde hair, sitting up on a fence waving at the cyclists calling out "Morning!" They were so adorable! Nearby an older fellow was using a gas powered weed-eater. My friend said, "hey, I thought they couldn't use machinery!" I think gas powered is okay...or at least with that guy it was!

The world famous pie at the Amish Schoolhouse pitstop was the goal of our 25.  I had a piece of shoofly pie that was the best thing I've ever tasted. A reporter from the Dover paper asked for my name so he could quote me on that.

We got a lot of positive comments on our jerseys, and folks were just friendly. After our ride we stopped at one of the Farm Market Stores and bought a bunch of fresh produce. Yum.

If we do it again, we resolve:

1.  We will ride 50
2.  We will not go up the night before. We might as well sleep in our own beds at home and get up early. In the hotel we didn't sleep well, and we would have had plenty of time. We finished and there were people just starting out.

Halloween on the hoof!

A sign of good things to come!

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The Bug said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!