Monday, September 30, 2013

Billy the Kid

The town in New Mexico that we visited yesterday is called Mesilla (Meh-see-yuh), and the Old Mesilla plaza is a place for music, art, and awesome food. It is also a little slice of history.

This is the old cathedral on the square. Originally it was a mission-style church, but in 1908 a French Catholic order took over, and when it needed repairs, it was done in the style of the French cathedrals. It's called St. Albino.

But Mesilla hasn't always looked this peaceful.

Across the corner from the Billy the Kid building--
which now holds a tacky giftshop so I didn't take that photo.
But this is the style of the building.

This is the plaque from actual Billy the Kid building.

This is what the ceiling of these buildings look like inside in their 
original construction. The owner of this building preserved it so people
could understand how they were made.

If you want to read more about Billy the Kid,
go here.

Other photos from Las Cruces.

If you gotta have a water tank, why not make it beautiful?

Same with the bridge!  Click on the photo to see the artwork.

Hard to see behind the light pole,
but look at the bridge abutment at the interstate on-ramp.
It's the symbol of Las Cruces (the crosses), the larger town surrounding Mesilla.

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The Bug said...

Cool! Love the bridge artwork.