Friday, September 13, 2013

My husband, my guinea pig

Last week when I was at the Amish ride we stopped by a farm stand afterwards. I bought some GORGEOUS yellow bell peppers and started wondering what to do with them.  After a few hours of cogitating, I made the list of ingredients. Dear husband picked them up (he shops on base for us per my list - what a great arrangement) and tonight I finally got the chance to cook.

And dumb me, I forgot the photos.  We were too hungry.

Yellow Thai Bells

3-4 Yellow Bell Peppers, cut lengthwise
1 lb or so ground turkey or chicken
Green onions, cut into tiny rounds -- green parts too
Juice of 2-3 fresh limes
1/3 cup rice
1/2 bunch cilantro
Just enough Sriacha sauce OR Thai peppers, cut small

Just like regular stuffed peppers, cut them in half length wise.  Dice up the parts from the crown that are useable -- really small though.

Submerge the pepper halves in boiling water for about 3 minutes. Pull out and drain.

Throw the turkey and the green onions and diced up tiny pepper pieces in a skillet and move it around until the turkey is browned.  You can add some salt and pepper, although now that I think about it, I should have thrown in a little fish sauce!

Drain the fat when it's browned and then add the rice, lime juice, about a cup of water.  Cook for about 15 minutes until the rice is puffed up.  Watch it though -- the turkey is so lean that the bottom of the pan will scorch very easily.  When the rice is puffy and the water absorbed, add the cilantro and the hot sauce or peppers. Stir to distribute them and then fill the waiting pepper halves.

Unlike green bells, you do not have to go to the oven with these.  There's no cheese to melt!

Serve these babies right up.  I had some mango halves (I love Wegmans) and served those on the side. It was good, and healthy, but could use some tweaking -- so let me know what you suggest or try!

So why the title?  The son was invited over to a friend's house -- the dad is a master chef and usually invites US too! Don't know why son rated tonight, but that's okay.  So I had to cook...and my husband likes to eat. I told him he might want to have the pizza place on speed dial, but he was a good sport and actually quite liked it. Then my son came in to have an appetizer before he goes to the Chef. He went back for seconds!

So there.  I guess they were hungry.

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The Bug said...

Sounds delicious! But I am no cook, so I don't have any suggestions...