Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Slow Down, you Move too Fast...

Gotta make the morning last ...

Well, no skippin' along the cobblestones for this new bike, but definitely feeling groovy.

My friend and I rode FORTY MILES today and were still smiling.  We rode from Arlington to Mount Vernon and returned.  It was awesome.  The trail is paved the whole way. We saw a couple of ospreys (sea eagles) air battling, flew under big birds with loud engines (National Airport) and just enjoyed the speed and cool air of the day.

Along the way we went through my old neighborhood from when I was in high school.  Talk about flashbacks!  Wow.

And somewhere in there we saw these two on posts for a gate to ... nowhere.  They're just on the gate posts to look pretty.

Perfect day.

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The Bug said...

Sounds fabulous! I (of course) didn't ride my bike in NC - the road my dad lives on is too dangerous these days so I didn't bother taking the bike down there. I got back on Sunday & rode my bike on Monday, but spent yesterday cleaning since a friend is coming to dinner tonight. Maybe I can get back in the saddle tomorrow :)