Thursday, May 13, 2010

An Amazing Revolution

Over at one of my favorite blogs, an amazing revolution is going on. It started by the blog author's sister going to Rwanda to do human rights work. The sister visited an orphanage, fell in love with the kids and asked, "how can we help?"

Everyone back here in the US got really excited about helping.  But then the orphanage nuns said, "no thank you."  You can read about that here.


But everyone was energized and ready to do something, so enter another couple - friends of the blog author - who are in the process of adopting children from an orphanage in Uganda. THAT orphanage is happy to receive anything.

So the Monkees are on the move with ideas and creativity and money and prayers and love. And children in Uganda will grow up knowing that some people in the US care about them.  You can find out all about this by going to Momastery.  Feel free to join our dance!

Then yesterday, I offered a barely used Crossword puzzle book on Freecycle. A lady responded that she'd like to add it to stuff that her friend takes to the wounded soldiers who are recovering at Bethesda Naval Medical center. I said, "better than that, give me a couple of days and I'll have lots of stuff from your list." She said, "way cool, and by the way, check THIS out!"

So here's another cool link. Agape Flights.

My point is that all around us, people of all ages are giving, loving, and helping others. Yesterday, the front page of the Washington Post showed a 15 year old girl in shifting through what remains of her home, after a tornado destroyed it, to find what remains of her stuff. My 15 year old girl bounced in from school and I asked her, "wouldn't you want someone your age to help? Someone who knows what a 15 year old needs?" I'm hoping the seed I planted will grow.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the need that is apparent wherever one looks. But not every need is a call for every person. Before you jump in, or worse, turn off, ask the Lord where He would have you be His hands and heart. Then get up and dance.


quilly said...

Awesome post. Avon actually has a project that supplies care packages to military soldiers. I was thinking about sponsoring it. My commission for the sales is tiny, but I would be willing to spend it (and likely more) in purchasing packages myself. I am just not certain how people would respond if, as an Avon rep, I promoted it myself.

Sweet Tea said...

Thumbs up!

SouthLakesMom said...

Thanks Quilly! I know when my DH was in Iraq, many of the soldiers liked skin-so-soft. That's Avon, right?

I think if you promote it as, "I'm donating my commission to underwriting shipping" or something along those lines, people will understand that it's not about you. But pray about it - this may not be the thing God wants you to use the Avon for!