Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sometime during the night my son dropped his retainer behind his bed.  This morning he was taking so much time in his room I went in to help get it out. He has a captain's bed so I started pulling things off the top of the bed so as to pull the mattress up.  Oh my goodness.

Does anyone have a bulldozer we can use? I cannot believe the accumulation of beanie babies, note cards, books, tools of all kinds (scissors, etc.) and STUFF that has piled up. We got the retainer out and I confiscated his iTouch. It, and anything else electronic are off limits until he creates some order out of chaos. I suspect I'll be posting a lot of Freecycle offers next week.

The funny thing is that this is the kid who wants to go to the Air Force Academy.  Maybe there he'll learn what SPARSE is . . .



quilly said...

You mean he isn't supposed to clean his room by jamming stuff under the bed? Then what is all that wasted space under there for?

Anonymous said...

LOL Busted.

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

I, too have several of those....and this very weekend, we have completed the transformation of the garage into a new bedroom for the younger 2 boys.

Please let me know your email and desired size! I think maybe the easiest way would be to p.m. me from facebook?

Mary said...

I was laughing as I read this, because that is my life, too! Oldest son's 1st college roommate commented on how neat my son was...WHAT? We were wondering who he had really been rooming with, 'cause it sure wasn't our son! He is somewhat of a neat freak now. We're hoping Middle Son follows suite! :D