Monday, June 14, 2010


We live on a quiet cul-de-sac. As many of you know, we have LOTS of big trees all throughout the neighborhood.  At least once a week I have someone knocking on my door offering to 'trim my trees.'  The guy who came by today even offered an opinion that "that ivy up there is strangling that tree."  Um...yeah, we know that but I'll be darned if I'll pay someone to pull ivy!  As a matter of fact we would have already pulled it except my friend wanted it for the baccalaureate service for the high school graduation. NOTE: Service is over - guess what I'll be doing for fun this weekend?

I understand that people need work. I also understand the liability issues of people doing work for which they are not trained, qualified or insured.

I think it's invasive for people to ring my doorbell and try to sell me things, but a 'no solicitation' sign seems pretty stark -- and when in the past, we've lived in gated communities with it posted, and no one reads it!

Maybe I should view these as witnessing opportunities. I can just hear the dialogue:


"Ma'am, we're in your neighborhood doing tree work. That big pine/oak/poplar is looking like it needs some help. Would you be interested in us having it cut back?"
"No, thank you for asking.  However, do you know where you're going where you die?"

So, how do you handle unwanted solicitation?


Sweet Tea said...

I think you might oughta go with the "no solicitation" sign. LOL

My Nasty Romance said...

Normally, it irritates me when people ring my doorbell with no other purpose than to intrude with solicitations. This includes religious solicitations. However, in this economy I've been giving a lot of people free passes and increasing my politeness level. The doorbell rings more frequently with people looking to do some work and I remind myself before opening that at least they're trying to make it on their own steam.

Once the economy turns around, though, it's on!