Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sticky Hot

This is the season in Northern Virginia when each day is a roll of the dice for weather. And if you don't like the roll you've just gotten, wait 30 minutes and it will change.

So yesterday was pretty muggy.  I left early and was out all day.  When I came back home I thought the house was warmish but figured it was the humidity. Finally, when I was serving up the pizza that I ordered for dinner (it was one of those days with a 4 pm dentist appointment for one of the kids!), I asked my son to go check the fuse box to see if the AC had popped off for some reason.

BINGO -- he flipped it back and on and blessed relief.

But now I'm worried.  Why would the AC have tripped the fuse?  See, there's been a gremlin around here recently. Our TV screen (that we use for movies and Wii) refused to go on one day. Fortunately, it's under warranty and they're taking care of it. Although it's on a power surge protector, it's not as robust as the ones the computers are on. I wonder if there's a stray electron party running around inside our walls looking for places to burst out and create havoc for the humans?

More importantly, I don't want a fire inside our walls! Anyone have any experience with this?


Nessa said...

If I run my dishwasher and my microwave at the same time I blow a fuse. That's the extent of what I know.

Susan at Stony River said...

I hope your electricity behaves itself, and keeps the A/C on! I need to get our house checked over by an electrician -- some things are funny, and wiring is something I don't want to mess with.

quilly said...

I have no knowledge. Could ber too many appliances tried to circulate on at the same time.

Sweet Tea said...

Gotta have your A/C.
Better have it checked out.

Mary said...

Agree with Susan...electricity isn't something you want to mess around with.