Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Back to School

I went back to our local university again so I could help with some pop-up advocacy. I met my friend Pete there. He had ridden his bike, pulling a trailer, about 20 miles. On the way he stopped to help someone who had crashed. Pete's a good guy. I drove halfway today and then rode to the campus. Bike parking is easy and cheap - car parking, not so much. Less than 3 miles each way, but fresh air and some exercise. I was pacing myself, and needed to get home for a webinar this afternoon.

While I was waiting for Pete, I took these photos of benches around the campus quad. They made me smile. There's a certain energy about a college campus that is alternately scary and joyful.  Must be the hormones.

 Mariposas Mentoring Project
Dare to Make A Difference

Veteran Society

Table for Two at GMU (google them)

Mason Young Life

 My favorite - the one that caught my eye
and caused me to walk over there!

up close -- isn't that beautiful?

And the funniest one of all:

And here's Pete doing advocacy:

I rushed home for the webinar -- it was on Twitter 101. I needed it. (shamefaced). It was put on by League of American Bicyclists and was actually quite interesting!

Then, the reason I paced myself earlier, after dinner I headed out for our FABB (bike advocacy) meeting in the next town over. I was meeting one of the regulars and we rode bikes on the trail.

While I was waiting for him, I took this photo. It isn't great quality, but I love it. Moon over the trail peeking through clouds.

Just before we get to the library where we meet there's a crossing light that takes F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  There was a guy there, probably a service worker, spoke no English and he had no lights on his bike.  I had just picked up some froggy lights (they look like frogs and wrap around your handlebars and tubes) from the university today, so I took them off my bike and put them on his. The light was so long I even had time to show him how to put them on.  I then said, "Cuidado" (caution) and he grinned and said, "Bueno!" (Good!) I hope they keep him safe.

After the meeting on our way home, Mike and I scared up several deer, but they didn't stick around to have their picture taken, and I wasn't stopping! So that ride was another 15 -- so with the 6 earlier, I think I did justice to my riding today. And I used my Bianchi, the old faithful so it was hard work!

p.s. The photo yesterday -- it was a GYM! Can you believe that? And you couldn't see the huge pool with slides and toys off to the left.

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The Bug said...

That's hilarious - I misunderstood what you were asking. Ha! Boy that is one big gym!

I love that bench! I wouldn't have listened to it when I was in college, but it's still really cool :)