Monday, October 21, 2013

Strange Dreams

At 1:40 this morning, I was having a vivid dream that involved bicycles and crashes (other people) and the scavenger hunt I did on Saturday, and it was all very dynamic. In my dream I heard a strange crash type noise, and immediately woke up.

My heart was racing. Was the sound something crashing into my house, or did I actually HEAR something in my dream?

The only times I recognize I've heard something in my dreams is when I've awoken and rather quickly placed the sound.

This was different. It was like the crashing of a large object against glass -- but our windows aren't that kind of glass and it was 1:40am!

I got up and looked out the back window and I could see a band of light that indicated our motion sensor light was on. It's over by our carport/shed.

MY NEW BIKE! I immediately figured someone was breaking into our shed to steal my bikes!

So, being the sober-minded woman of judgment I am, I woke up my husband.  NOT.  I went downstairs, grabbed a big flashlight (the kind cops use as a baton) and went out to check.

Of course, there wasn't a thing there and then I thought, what if there had been? I'm standing here in my pajama top, jeans, and fluffy slippers. What a threatening presence I am!

Today my husband did the walk-around and nothing. We can't figure it out. Interestingly, my son says he woke up in the middle of the night but doesn't remember a sound or reason.

I guess it's aliens. At least they're not aliens in search of bicycles!


The Bug said...

The other night as I was just about to fall asleep I heard a similar noise in the ear next to the pillow. Nothing made the noise - it was just there! LOUD and unnerving... I meant to google "loud crashy noises in your head" to see if maybe I had a brain tumor (you know that's where my mind went right away - ha!), but since you had it happen too I'll go with the alien idea :)

The Bug said...

Okay - I DID google "loud crashy noises in your head" & found this. Who knew?!

Apparently we both need to just CHILL. :)

SouthLakesMom said...

UM...I'm not sure whether to thank you or not, Dana! At least I laughed out loud reading your comments though!

The Bug said...

I'm glad to make you laugh. And of course I had to blog about it :)