Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fantastic Fun on the Trail

Yesterday was International Walk to School Day.  I was part of organizing a challenge between the Vienna schools and Reston schools.  Eight elementary schools in each community were involved. We still don't have the final numbers, but the bottom line is that the kids won.

I was out on the trail, which is a direct access route for one of the schools in Vienna, so I got some photos.

There were at least 2000 kids who walked/biked/scootered to school yesterday in these two communities. Research shows that kids who walk or bike to school focus better and do better on tests. Why? They get the wigglies out! All that fresh air counts for waking up brain cells.

This was organized and promoted by the National Safe Routes to School Partnership -- linking hundreds of community groups with state organizers. Even if you don't have kids in the school system, you have a vested interest in promoting this for the kids in your community -- it's better for them, and ultimately, it's better for all of us.  Get more details HERE

After the kids finished, my riding buddy Betty and I rode out west and then returned. By the time I stopped at my doorway, I'd ridden 30 miles and could have done more. This new bike is fantastic. I'm looking forward to our ride this weekend at the Wild Goose Chase.


Mary said...

When I worked in Knox Co., I remember that day! Where I work now, it just isn't feasible with it being so rural. Perfect for schools that are in cities/small towns, though!

The Bug said...

Every now & then I had to walk to my elementary school when I was a kid - must have been 5th or 6th grade because I can't imagine mom letting us do it sooner. It was on the other side of a cow pasture & the beginnings of a housing development - so no real streets involved. I remember that I used to stop to pick four & five leave clovers along the way :)