Monday, October 28, 2013

Focusing Better

I guess what I didn't realize about my eye being improved to 20/20 is that the other eye would still be significantly behind, and that my brain is going to have to adjust its neural pathways!  I did stop by our local optometrist and get a contact lens Rx for the right eye -- which helps, but until the 2nd eye is done, it will be a bit of adjustment.

Still, I saw the surgeon today and he said everything is looking great so he'll schedule the other one when I come for my 4 week check up in November. We're kind of in a hurry to finish since he will be leaving active duty in the spring. That sounds like he'd have time, but in reality, it's not -- usually the last month on active duty is full of required briefings, etc. and he may (probably) will have leave saved up so that he won't have to actually go to work past about January 15 or so...

Today when I drove onto the base (Walter Reed Bethesda National Medical Center), I was behind this truck. For some reason, it made me laugh.

It's a Nebraska farm truck license plate, a UT Longhorns sticker,
and a tiny apple sticker. That's one wired cowboy!

I meant to post photos of the parade the other night but it was ... um ... dark! But as I was driving to our meeting place, I saw some pirates getting proper police escort!

This turned out to be one of the Realty office floats. It was 
really well done.

And a BIG thank you and shout out to Dana at Bug's Eye View, who knitted and sent this lovely scarf! It will definitely get some wear this winter! I so admire people who can do anything with their hands!  Thank you, Dana!

Last, but not least, I have some young friends from church who sent me something to speed my recovery. This is the coolest idea -- it arrived inflated via usps!  It's from a company called

If you look at the message at the bottom, you can tell they have two little boys! This time of year, "eye balls" are very funny!  Thank you, John and Owen!

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The Bug said...

Yay - you got the scarf! Hope you enjoy it...

Love that ball-o-gram (I admit it - it makes me laugh too - ha!).

Each of my eyes is VERY different from the other, but I think they've been that way my whole life so I never really noticed. Well, and also by very different I mean that one sees better distance than the other - I'm sure I would have noticed if I'd only had surgery on one of them!

Just think - by Christmas you might be corrective lens free!