Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Light Shift

I left the thoroughbred in the barn today and took the older mare out for a ride. It was nice to be on the gentle steed. She's slower, and heavier (aren't we all?) but she got me where I wanted to go.

Just these last couple of days I've noticed a reluctance in my soul to get moving in the morning. I'm sure it has to do with the changing light and the effect on my serotonin levels. Well, yesterday the rain was a serious deterrent too.  But I wonder, does the change in light trigger a desire in me to hunker down and nest?  That is so NOT good for my body!

Rolled $75 in coins yesterday and went to cash them in today.  That's one reason I took the older bike. It has a nice basket. I didn't want the heaviness of those coins in a backpack! Now I need to decide what charity to give it to. That's what we always did with the kids -- whenever we emptied the coin jar and rolled them up, they got to decide the charity we'd send it to. After all, if it was in the coin jar, we hadn't missed it, right?

I also biked to the post office to drop off a package to my sister. I swear, if they could make our post office any LESS bike friendly, I can't think of how.  The property backs up to the regional multi-use trail, but there's no way to get there from the trail. So postal employees can't go out there to take a walk during their lunch break. In front of the post office, there's no sidewalk, and of course, there are no bike racks. "Going postal" used to be a cliche for people losing control. Give people access to the outdoors and you might avoid some of that frustration!

I won! I won!  My friend, Dana, over at Bugseyeview posted that I won a hand-knitted scarf!  Woo-hoo!  I never win anything, so I'm excited! Plus, anything handmade is exciting. And if you've seen Dana's work, you know why I'm looking forward to this.

Time to start looking up soup recipes and stock the cupboard for days ahead full of colorful leaves and crisp air.

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The Bug said...

I'm glad you're excited :)

I definitely feel more of a desire to hunker down these days. What gets me out on my bike anyway is that I always feel better when I do. I need to invest in some reflective gear though - it won't be much longer until I'm not home during daylight!