Friday, October 18, 2013

Not Stepping Forward

What do you do with a kid who is really smart, but who totally rejects the "game playing" of modern academics. Can't motivate this child through traditional means. When the child presents in class on something he cares about, teachers later tell mom, "Wow, I didn't realize he was so smart."  ARGH.

My kid is really smart. He thinks deeply. He thinks so deeply that if what the "system" is serving up is horse hockey, he will state that to be true. That runs up against teachers who have all this training designed to support and maintain the system.


Then he talks about being president some day.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone I love.

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The Bug said...

I had a friend in high school who was like that - so very bored in class that he didn't score very well even though he's brilliant. Maybe you should try home schooling him :)

And yes - I would definitely not want someone I loved to be a politician of any kind. And what does that say about our political system? Sigh.