Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fun Sunday Ride

I decided to go to REI today to accessorize the new bike.  In other words, I'm tired of moving the tube, lifters, and CO2 canister from bag to bag looking for the perfect fit. So...get a new bag, right?

It's only about 7 miles from my house but on the way down there I just wasn't feeling very good. Kinda queasy. I'm thinking it was a bit TOO much sweet fruit in my smoothie this morning.

At any rate, I picked up the under-saddle bag and a bell and went over to Potbelly to get a sammie. I tell you - since I started with these smoothies, I'm not hungry for big sandwiches or meals anymore! Hope that pays off soon in my physical profile too!

After I ate I watched some little kids at the fountain. This is one of those with a funny pattern of rising up. The boy in the photo reminded me of the kid in the VW commercial in his Darth Vader costume.  Here's that commercial.

So at the fountain, the boy would say, "GO" or "STOP" as the water was rising or subsiding. He'd been playing there long enough to get the pattern I think...but every so often he'd stretch out the word GO a bit ... until the water complied. It was cute, and what a nice day that he could play at the fountain like this.

For some reason, the ride home was a lot easier, and it's uphill. Figure that one out!

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The Bug said...

It's because you weren't hungry anymore :)

It's been rainy here so no bike riding. I'm a bit grumpy.