Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lovely Weather Revisited

Rode to our in-city university today for a meeting.  The day started foggy -- if I'd been smart I would have taken a photo for you. But instead, I dressed smart. I had on a neon yellow long sleeve shirt, a neon orange lightweight jacket (same from my Wild Goose Chase ride) and some biking capris (padded) that have neon green lightning bolts. When I got hot and took the sleeves off my orange jacket, I looked like a neon freak show.  But I WAS visible, and that was my goal!

It was 12ish miles down there and I discovered that one of the roads along the way, "Random Hills", isn't so random but is definitely HILLS.  Still, my sweet bike handled the journey.

On my way back I saw this.  I love watching these guys work.  If I hadn't needed to get back for tutoring, I would have stayed a lot longer.

See those little bitty lumps in the tree?

Yeah, guys who are much braver than I am!

After tutoring (my exchange student from Finland and he totally gets the character of Abigail in "The Crucible", which amazes and impresses me. I mean, the guy doesn't have sisters!), I ate a quick dinner and then headed out for a meeting tonight at National Wildlife Federation. Their headquarters are here and they were have an event to promote Eco-Schools. Well, what's more eco-friendly than getting kids to bike?

It was fun talking with people and winning door prizes. On my way home I stopped to snap this photo.

What do YOU think it is?

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The Bug said...

It's either aliens or the moon :)

I think we need a picture of you in all of your neon - ha!