Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Muffed Target

Because I like Thom, and he's such a prolific poster I can't keep up with all his stuff, I've decided to choose ONE meme he hosts and try to do it. Afterall, I have PLENTY of bad photos!  So here's my muffed target for this week. Thanks Thom for keeping this alive!

From last November for son's birthday. I was trying to show that the candles had colorful flames. We'll have to see if I can do better this year with the new camera!


Anonymous said...

Well thanks for joining in the fun and what a great photo to start out with. I've never seen a green flame before LOL You know now I usually take two of everything and I can't tell you how many times both could be in this meme LOL Mahalo for playing. I really appreciate it :)

Rosidah Abidin said...

Green is a lovely color for a birthday flame. Have a wonderful day :)