Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Adventures

It seems that everyone in this household is embarking upon new adventures this year.

Daughter went to Governors School this summer. And at the end of the summer she'll be flying (by herself) to Vancouver, BC for a visit with friends and some French immersion.

Son is playing football for the first time with a youth league. He starts tomorrow, and is struggling with the old "what was I thinking of?" question that we all wonder when starting something new.  Update: when I took him to get his equipment this morning the men there made such a big deal of his size (only 13 and nearly 6 feet tall) it really built him up. He's not nervous anymore because, in his words, "they made me feel like I'm going to be an asset."  Can I say that I LOVE grown men who model positive encouragement to young men?

Husband . . . well, nothing really new there except his office has moved.  Within the building. I guess we'll let that count as new.

And I will be joining a Writer's Group beginning in September at our local Rec Center. If nothing else, I'll discover whether I like peer review or not. I really hope that these people will know how to be constructively critical. I don't need a bunch of new friends telling me I'm a 'great writer.' I want people to help me LAND THE PLANE! No more circling above the airfield waiting for a great conclusion to occur; just land the blasted plane.

We're supposed to show up with a 'piece' to share. I'm tweaking the Friends of the Library mystery, and will take that.  If any of you have noticed anything in that piece that you recommend I tweak, feel free to tell me! You can do it by comment or by e-mailing me via my profile!

This could be fun or painful! Stay tuned!


Nessa said...

Finding proper peer review is hard. I tried a group in our Barnes & Noble and it was a very mixed bag that I couldn't click with.

Larry said...

wow my kind of read you know the kind you read about and then your warned winks@you I've been enjoying your new Adventures.

SouthLakesMom said...

Nessa, that is, indeed, my concern, but I'll try it. I have found at the RCC that most things I try I'm the youngest person doing it by about 20 years, but since I'm getting older, perhaps that won't be the case any longer!

Larry, thank you for your kind words, as always!

Anonymous said...

Good for all of you. New adventures are always good for everyone. It's getting past the initial..should I really be doing this...syndrome. Most of the time yup we should. :)

Sweet Tea said...

Lots of exciting times within your ranks. Keep us posted.

Susan at Stony River said...

Wow, good luck with all those things, and I hope the writer's group is a great one!

It's so hard to deal with a bad one (and I hate hate hate facing peer review, can't help it LOL)

Jingle said...

Happy Tuesday!
Pick Two 2 Enjoy!