Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Wright Stuff

A distant cousin has been nudging me back into doing some genealogy work lately. It is so frustrating though because for every tantalizing lead I find, there are a hundred other leads I could pursue. How to narrow down the useful/interesting ones presents a problem.

My maternal grandfather's line goes back to a man named Samuel Creed Wright. He died in Memphis in 1860. Last night at dinner I was talking about this to my son and his suggestion is that I start with THE Wright brothers and research back from THEM, to see where we intersect because it would be very cool to be related to them, however distantly. Have I mentioned that my son is a flight zealot?

I guess if you go distant enough, we're all related anyway, so why not?


Anonymous said...

I think that is positively the "Wright" way to go :) I hear ya when you start researching...you can get so far away from where you want to go by seeing other leads...it's amazing :)

EG Wow said...

Now wouldn't that be fun to be related to the Wright Brothers!

Mary said...

Hmmm...interesting but a great idea he had!

quilly said...

I actually have a two inch thick book of my family genealogy that goes back to the days of the pilgrim landings here in America (my family was not on the Mayflower, but Amoeba's family was). I understand my cousin Peter had genealogy that continues on from there to the 1400's in England. Pretty enticing stuff to read.