Friday, August 13, 2010

Role Models for Young Men

This whole football thing is turning out to be a blessing. Not only is it making my son more physically fit, but the men who are coaching are working hard to bring out the best in each player.

It has also expanded my son's horizons and interest in men who play football. Today I found a news article that a week ago, I wouldn't have bothered to forward to him. He wouldn't have been interested. But now things are different.

This isn't a story about football though. It is about integrity and taking responsibility for your actions. That is the kind of role model I hope my son embraces.

Here's the link to the article:

Stallworth: ‘Be cognizant of your decisions’


Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's all working out. Sounds like a good program. Thanks for the great article :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

Mary said...

That is an excellent article. We were very fortunate to have coaches who were interested in helping the boys become the kind of men that little kids would look up to.

Scott said...

As a Browns fan i remember my initial reaction of "oh great, here we go again..." another irresponsible pro athlete. It is refreshing indeed that Mr Stallworth "manned up" and did the right thing.