Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oops, It is the Arm!

Took the son to the ortho doc today. She viewed the films and said, nope, not a Salter-Harris wrist fracture. Instead, it's a fracture in the arm itself. Small, and very common. She reassured us that we ALWAYS want to have a common medical issue. In fact, she stated, "you never want to hear your doctor say, 'I've never seen one of those!'"

At any rate, because of where it is, complete immobilization is required for 4 weeks and no waterproof cast. That translates to a cast up over the elbow, with elbow at 90 degrees.  Techs were great, and everyone was kind, but it pretty much ends his football season...before it started.

We did find a cool product call DryPro that is guaranteed 100% water tight that he can wear over the cast to go to the pool and shower.

The color he chose: black.  Why? "so no one will try to sign it."

That's my boy.

An interesting thing has happened though. Although he's not a lot more snuggly (he IS 13!), he is acting like he appreciates mom attention. He even thanked me for taking him down to the base where the doc was and getting all that done. Maybe he's growing up. Or maybe it was the new Wii game I bought for him. Mother guilt, right?


Anonymous said...

Awww poor thing. That's a bummer. Mother guilt ROFLMAO. I think it must be inherent in all moms. LOL I hope the time passes quickly for him and you. :)

quilly said...

I am glad it was just a common break. I am pretty certain that surgery and pins and all that kind of stuff would have freaked you out even more. Now pray for quick healing and no or very few itches.

Oh, and I have a white paint pen. Can I sign the black cast?

Sweet Tea said...

Poor thang, but I'm sure the Wii therapy will do him well. LOL Hand me the Spray Paint and I'll paint my name on that cast!!