Saturday, June 15, 2013

Cycling Saturday

Slept in this morning for quite a while since I was at the high school last night providing security for the ANGP (All Night Grad Party).  I was glad to help, but by the time I finished at midnight, it had been a VERY long day (remember those 20 miles in the saddle?).

I finally got moving and rode over to the post office to return something I ordered.  It was about 8 miles roundtrip.  Got back in time to take son to meet up with other Scouts heading out for a kayak overnight.

Then I drove to Alexandria to take a confident city cycling course.  Learned a couple of new maneuvers that might help if someone cuts me off.  We did a ride to practice moving through traffic.  The best part of the course was the video prerequisite I watched yesterday. Today on my post office trip, I was able to employ some of the techniques I'd learned. It's always good to learn to be safer.

Now I'm waiting up for daughter to come in from work.  Having trouble staying awake!

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