Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finally! A Ride!

Monday was icky and wet all day.  Yesterday was as well most of the day.  I got a (VERY) short ride in going to the high school with my son so he could do his sports physical for the fall.

But today I rode to Vienna, met the Babes, then led a ride up to Herndon, went on a pretty trail, had lunch, and then we headed back towards Vienna.  I bailed out so I didn't have to ride all the way to Vienna and then back.  It was hot!

The trail we went on had two crossings they call "fair weather" crossings.  It's been raining much of the last two days and some last night, so they were pretty vigorous.  I rode through the first, as did one other rider.  Everyone else either walked through the stream carrying their bikes (2 of them) or across the stepping stones.

And ... I rode 25 miles total.

Now I'm tired.

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