Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What Happened to "Partly Cloudy"?

Yep, that was the forecast!  When I headed out to ride this morning to the next town over for a hair appointment, it was lovely -- overcast and muggy but cool.  When I arrived I discovered that my appointment wasn't today. As I got ready to head home, a few drops fell, then a few more ...

I didn't get soaked, but I was glad I had turned around quickly.  If I HAD waited the hour or so to begin my return, I would have been in driving rain...which I was later but in the car.

So squeezed in some saddle time -- 16 miles, and saw a great, big, fat, groundhog along the way.

Good day.

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The Bug said...

Groundhog bonus!

It POURED here yesterday morning, but today is beautiful. Which is good because we're heading to the Reds game tonight :)