Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Ride June - Day 5

Fun day!

Had lunch today with some young women who work in the area of bicycle advocacy (Nelle) and bicycle planning (Vanessa). Also along for the ride (ha ha, get it?) was my friend Fionnuala and my daughter Lindy.

Nelle works for WABA (Washington Area Bicyclists Association), which is the umbrella advocacy group over the group I volunteer with, FABB (Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling). Part of her job is outreach, so today was her day in our county.  After lunch she mentioned she was going over to Vienna (the town next to my community) to hand out KIND bars to cyclists on the trail. Each bar had a KIND tip on it -- today's was about making sure we communicate clearly to drivers using hand signals and making eye contact.

I took my daughter home, jumped on my bike and got there in 22 minutes -- a new record for me!  We had so much fun.  When we had emptied her pannier bag of 100 or so bars, I jumped on the bike to head home and heading uphill, it was 33 minutes.  Not bad since the first leg I had started about 3 miles closer to Vienna by getting a ride from my daughter to the Starbucks near the trail head.

So, round trip miles: 12 --  and I averaged 13 miles both ways and burned 700 calories.  The Chinese food at home tasted GREAT.

I'm in green.


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Cool! Sounds like fun :)

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