Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just Ride June -- Day 8

Today son is doing his Eagle project.  He and several other young men are replacing the roof on the shed at our church where missions supplies are stored for several churches in our denomination until there are enough accumulated to ship overseas.  It needs to be water and critter tight!

I went over to leave lunch (by car), went home to get daughter to work.  From her work, I rode my bike back to the church to SERVE lunch for the guys.

It is interesting to see your 16 year old son acting like he's in charge of something.  Such maturity!  Wow.

After I served up, I packed everything in my husband's car which was there, and then rode my bike the long way home.

I got sprinkled on, but mostly it was a good ride.  Only 7.5 miles, but enough to get stretched out and sweaty.  One thing that was cool -- on my way home, I rode by the local elementary school where one of my son's friends was doing HIS Eagle project -- landscaping for the school. I got to chat with his mom a few minutes and then I harassed a couple of the boys who had spent the morning on my son's project and then went over to their mutual friend's project.  They oh-so-cleverly managed to score lunch at BOTH projects.  Ha ha.  Boys.

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The Bug said...

Now you know these growing boys need their vittles!

A boy I know (my husband's brother's wife's grandson - what does that make him, my grand-step-nephew-in-law?) is an Eagle Scout. His project was cleaning up a neglected walking trail & making a bench for it.