Friday, June 14, 2013

Feels like Saturday?

Son was out of school this morning, much to my displeasure. (His being out made it feel like a Saturday).

His German teacher was chaperoning a trip to Germany that was to leave on Wednesday.  She adjusted the curriculum and managed the testing to all be finished in time so that they would not have to take the final today, the scheduled day.

However, she could not tell them to "stay home".  Instead she told them that if they came, they'd be sitting in the back of the Latin class, quietly, while the Latin students took THEIR final exam.

Today is graduation, so everyone was dismissing at 9:30 anyway. Son was BEGGING me to be allowed to sleep in.

It made me angry because the teacher put the parents in the position of having to send their kid to do NOTHING for 2 hours, or call in to the attendance line with some excuse, or just take the unexcused absence.

I called in and told the secretary for his grade that "he won't be coming because he doesn't have a final and doesn't feel like himself today."  I think it was a squirrely way of getting out of it and I'm disappointed in myself. I'm really irked at the teacher though.  She knew from the beginning of the year when her final exam and graduation day would be.  Grrr....

SO, I went on a bike ride to Ashburn and back.  Perfect cycling weather today. Twenty miles.  Sweet.

On my way back through Herndon, the town to the West, I heard "MOM!"  It was son and his friend who had biked over and were on their way to meet his friend's dad who said he'd take them to lunch.  And now son is cleaning his room, so I guess I can forgive him.  He just put 7lbs of papers from the school year into the recycling bin.  Wow.

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The Bug said...

I'd say that tossing 7 lbs of paper is pretty redeeming :)