Friday, January 7, 2011

Decorationally Challenged

This is really sad.  I got a new iPhone for Christmas and these are the first photos I've taken for the blog with it.

They are obviously a desperate cry for help.

We need to re-do our kids' bathroom.  But it's a kids' bathroom. Teens use it. Which means the decor needs to be durable and easy to hide clutter.

The bathroom size is pretty large, but the partial wall that separates the toilet/bath area from the sink area contains a heating duct - so can't take it out.  It has the only bathtub in the house, so we'd like to keep that part. If we can get it done nicely enough, we can actually let guests use it instead of the one downstairs that is tiny and REALLY dark.

Just to make sure you know -- we inherited this lovely color scheme. Green counter. Yellow, brown, & white tile on floor. Yellow tile on wall. Can you see why we're paralyzed with indecision?  ANYTHING would be better than this, but where to start?

So, what do you think?  I'll post a drawing later that shows it better.  The photos are the actual thing. Yep, 70's tile on the floor and the yellow wall  Clear shower curtain because of lack of light.  By the way, I'd LOVE to put a skylight in above this room.  Wonder what that would entail...


Mary said...

Hey, at least it's not 60's tile! :D
We're getting ready to remodel our bathrooms. We know what we're doing with the hall/kids' bath, but not the master. We're tiling around the bathtub (which will be painted 'cause it's this lovely 60's aqua blue), then putting up beadboard around the bottom part of the rest of it. We've already picked out the vanity and wall cabinet. Can't wait to get it done!

Robin said...

I'm not very good at design either, thank god we had a great designer when we renovated a couple of years ago.

Natural stone tiles are popular here, and mosaic strips. (I'll dig up photos of ours if you want to see.) I also loved the idea of white tiles with large murano glass tile accents (i.e. various shades of blue as a "frame" around the mirror, etc.) but they were so expensive here that we quickly dropped that idea.

Good luck, and have fun with it.

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quilly said...

I am of no help, either. I just llok at photos and point when I see something I like.

faith said...

We had sky lights they leaked. My husband says "if you cut a hole in your roof it's gonna leak". I have a hard time with remodeling and design, etc., too! Good luck!