Thursday, January 27, 2011

Out for 24

We've just had our power restored after a nasty winter storm. It went out about 8:30 pm yesterday and came on again today about 7:30 pm.  I praise God for the people at Dominion Power who have been working in some pretty tough conditions to get the power back on.

The snow was wet, heavy and icy and a tree came down across our driveway. My son got out there this morning to cut it up (with a hand saw) so we could then shovel the driveway and then go to Bethesda for an appointment for him. Fortunately, we called before we got on the highway and found out his doctor wasn't going to make it in. So we went to the bagel shop and stocked up on those and coffee.

Now this photo doesn't look that dramatic.  However, the kid cutting that tree is nearly 6 feet tall (he's bent over the tree here). A little perspective, yes?

I'm proud of both of my kids for keeping a good attitude and helping wherever asked. My son and his friends had a great time shoveling my neighbor's driveway. They played and behaved like kids did before they all went heads down with hand-held devices.

Last night, with a camping lantern (batteries, not kerosene), the four of us played cards and then listened to an old radio presentation of Gunsmoke (yes, it was on an iPod, but hey, we listened in the dark).  We spent the night in our basement in one room with pillows and blankets, and were quite warm. It's completely in ground so it held at about 65 degrees. I actually threw off blankets at one point.

So, no school Wednesday, Thursday, and they've already cancelled for tomorrow. And Monday and Tuesday are off days for end of quarter grading -- although they've told us they've extended the quarter to the end of next week now. Lots of extra time to study - but do you think anyone will?

So in sum, for Thankful Thursday, I'm thankful for:
a.  God
b.  My family
c.  Our dear friends who took us in this evening for dinner (remember that soup? It was great shared with them over at their house!)
d.  Electricity
e.  Heat
f.  Health


The Bug said...

Our corporate headquarters is in Reston & we just got an email that their phone & email isn't working - & that it's a wider problem than just at their location. Hope you guys are doing OK!

Nessa said...

When the power goes out we are reminded of how puny we really are compared to nature.

SouthLakesMom said...

Thanks, Bug, we're doing just fine. Everything is back to normal today except kids out of school.

Nessa, that is so true!

quilly said...

I am glad you weathered the weather and the tree hit the driveway and not the house.

I am making your soup today. It is rainy and dank here so we are looking quite forward to it.

And, you should have a package in the mail pretty soon. I put a little something extra in since you had to wait.

SouthLakesMom said...

Thank you, Q! Hope the soup turns out to his taste. Glad he's home. And looking forward to the mail now! WooT!

We've already done the tree on the house bit -- when we rented a house in Vienna (a nearby town), a tree fell straight through the 2nd floor roof. No one hurt, but caused a change of living situation! Fortunately, God showed us THIS house...and trees. :-)