Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking Things Down

We didn't do a LOT of Christmas decorating this year because we were going away for the event. But we did get out all of my Christmas Creches, and about half of the decorations for the tree.

We'll leave them up until next Sunday as next Saturday my husband's family will come over for dessert and gifts. They're the family that lives locally and since we went away, we missed the celebration at their home.

Even with the traveling and being in someone else's home, this was the most peaceful and stress-free Christmas I've enjoyed in the last 16 years. Hmm...

At any rate, on Sunday when we put things away I will inevitably ask the question about some things, "Do we still need THIS?" It might be a hand-made decoration that is falling apart. It might be an item that seemed very "of the season" at the time but now just looks tacky.

Remember, I'm ruthless in getting rid of clutter. If my family didn't stop me I'd probably be down to near-bare walls. I'm particularly aggrieved at this moment because an alarm keeps going off in my son's room (who is in school).  I went in there to find it and turn it off. After much searching, I did find it, but the much searching was due to the HUGE MESS.  And then I couldn't figure out how to turn off the alarm. I could only get it to snooze . . . which means for the rest of the afternoon, I will periodically hear the beeps.  Argh. And we've only been back in town since Thursday night!

So, what do you think? How do you decide when ornaments or decorations are past their prime? What's a good standard to use?


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I don't do the tree part of the decorations. LOL I don't have to worry about that :)

The Bug said...

If I could do it without my husband knowing I'd get rid of a LOT of decorations. Some of ours are really the worse for wear. But he has a sentimental attachment to EVERYTHING (yesterday we finally stopped by a bin for recycled paper & he had to say a fond farewell to the bag of shredding that had been living in his car for two months LOL).

quilly said...

Since I bought everything new this year, I am not the one to ask! And, stuff that beeping clock in the back of his closet if it does that again tomorrow (unless you're afraid to open the closet).