Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dinner Disaster

I had a recipe I'd been saving for a while, waiting to get all the ingredients in the house at one time, and to have the time to put it together. But once that was all lined-up, it was going in the Crock Pot so it would be no fuss, no bother.

And unfortunately, no taste.  I'm not going to post the recipe because it was pretty terrible and I don't want to inflict that on you, but I'll tell you some of the ingredients.

Pork pieces, cut for stew
Sweet Potatoes, cut for stew
Ro-Tel Tomatoes & Peppers

So far, it has things my family likes.  There were other ingredients as well. It said to cook for 7 hours. By the time that happened, the flavor was GONE from the pork, and the vegetables were MUSH.

We ate it, since there wasn't another option yesterday evening, but I apologized to my family and said "I won't even TRY to tweak this one. It is BANISHED." The look of gratitude in their eyes was wonderful to behold.

This is why I hate crockpot cooking. It is too easy to turn things to mush, and cook all the flavor out. Ick.

It does make good hot cocoa though.

So what do you do when a recipe turns out to be a mistake?  
(Remember, we don't have a dog)


Kay said...

I've had the same problem with my crock pot recipes. But then I figured out that my pot is too big for the amount I usually cook in it, so it was cooking too hot, even on low. So, now when I use the slow cooker, I put it on later in the day and I get a much better result.

But I'm not saying to give that recipe again. Some recipes are just duds. : )

Mary said...

We dump it and call Dominos! :D

quilly said...

As Kay said, one needs to understand the cooking time of her own crockpot and adjust accordingly.

When I make a bad meal, Amoeba and I eat it, then make a pact to pour the leftovers down the garbage disposal and lose the recipe.

Since Amoeba gets pretty nervous when I try anything new, I plan to flank such meals by his favorites. Recently I tried a new broccoli recipe that actually had him asking for a repeat -- and broccoli was formerly one of the few things on his "strongly dislike" list.