Sunday, September 20, 2009

Blessings Revisited

Thinking about those blessings, and reflecting on the list from Friday, it was way too much "MY" and "ME" in that. So I've re-written them.

a. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
b. The husband the Lord provided to me.
c. The children who live in my home that are on loan from God.
d. The home God has given our family to live in.
e. The good health I enjoy.
f. The good job the Lord has provided to my husband.
g. Our neighborhood
h. Our church family
i. Our friends
j. Our parents
k. Our opportunities for education that God provided.
l. Bible study
m. United States Citizenship
n. The ability to secure healthy food to eat
o. The ability to secure clean water to drink
p. Our pet bird
q. Good roads
r. Airplanes
s. Our computers and internet access
t. The torturer/trainer who made my muscles sore yesterday
u. Transportation that is comfortable and reliable.
v. A way to easily clean our clothes
w. A way to keep our food from spoiling
x. Our extended families
y. The schools our children attend
z. The many blog-friends I've met along the way!

aaahh..much better.


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