Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Health Care Observation

I have good health care insurance through the military insurance for retirees. Despite public perception and contrary to many years of promises by the Congress, it is not free. A chunk is taken out of my husband's retirement pay each month to pay for it. Nonetheless, it is good health care and worth the cost.

But this whole debate is interesting because it is so emotionally politicized. So I've tried to stay out of it in order to stay sane. But, alas, I live in the community now notorious world-wide as the place where the debate turned into farce. The Economist Magazine gave us one line in the most recent issue:

"Outside a town-hall meeting in Reston, Virginia, last week, a few buffoons likened Barack Obama to Hitler."

Further in the Lexington column though, is an interesting statistic:

Few Americans have a clear idea how Obamacare will affect them—unsurprisingly, since even quite basic details are undecided. The uninsured have the most to gain, but they are only 15% of the population. Everyone else has something to lose. Many Americans do not trust the government to do anything much, let alone make decisions about life and death. Small wonder Mr Obama finds the headwind against health reform so blustery.

So, let's pray for our President and our country. We need clarity and wisdom. Fewer promises. More facts.


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