Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cool School Product?

Do you want your son to be the coolest boy at the lunch table? Do you want to bless your husband's lunch with something that people will talk about for days? Do you want to send a not-so-subtle message to a politican about whether you believe his message?

Then run, do not walk, to Abbey's Hallmark in Oakton and get some of these napkins. They' re made by the Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper Company and they're made from animal poop. Yeah, that's what it said. Animal poop.

It actually makes sense if you think about it. Elephants eat a LOT of fiber and most of it is still fiber at the other end. It's the ultimate recycling to use a waste product for something useful.

Just to be upfront about this -- I don't blog for pay. If I endorse a product it's because I thought it was funny, or catchy or worth noting. For those who do blog for bucks, I like my friend Quilly's approach. She ALWAYS tells you up front that it's one of those posts, and then is completely honest about the product (even if she doesn't like it) and is usually really funny about it. I'm just not that funny so I don't do it myself.

So anyway, when I was at Abbey's today, the lady showed me this product and I laughed
out loud. I only had my lousy cell-phone camera and I hate paying the fee for transmission to my home computer, but here are two photos. They have them in the patterns shown as well as dolphins, peace signs, zebra stripes...

So, your son is going to ask, "how do they do it?" Here's how they do it in the wild. Just wait until he starts stalking the herbivores in your neighborhood to collect their poop.

But, if you get him some of these for his lunch box, he will be the King of Cool ... and no one in liberal Northern Virginia can complain about it because it is RECYCLING and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY! Those are ALWAYS good things...right?

You can get them at Abbey's Hallmark store in Oakton, Virginia. Their address is 2930 Chain Bridge Road, #107. If you don't live in Virginia, you can go to the company website HERE.

Just to send you off with the "real feeling", close your eyes and listen to this video.

LATE BREAKING COMMENT: I went out to dinner with my dh (half price fajita night!) and was telling him about the poo products. His question, "well, doesn't that endanger the dung beetles?" YEAH! WHAT ABOUT THE DUNG BEETLES?

And here I thought I was the only funny person in this household.



Quilldancer said...

Let me get this straight, you want me to wipe my face -- specifically my mouth -- in elephant dung? And you don't think that's funny? LOL!

Glennon said...

Okay, Kelley. You are my new favorite. Will you take me shopping with you next time you go? I think we'd have fun.
I cannot TELL you how many times Craig and I have said "If there was ONLY some way to recycle elephant poo..."