Friday, January 15, 2010

Buy Crayons for Valentine's Day

A friend of mine runs a non-profit and asked me to post this. She makes NO money from this (in fact her husband would say it EATS money), but her heart is to get school supplies to kids who need them. It's that simple.

You probably read the heading and said, "What?! Crayons for Valentine's Day?
Thanks, but no thanks!"

Well, wait a second. Hear us out.
We're not suggesting that you send your honey crayons. We're not that loopy.

What we are saying is take the $100 you would spend on a dozen roses and send crayons, paper, copies of Jane Eyre, whatever, to kids in your sweetheart's home state. Maybe even kids in the school your schnookums graduated from. When your darling sees how much joy you have spread in their name, you will get a reward. We practically guarantee it.

So, see what stuff the kids need for school, buy some and then sit back and wait for the love to wash over you.

It's as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Pick a classroom:
2. Buy some supplies
3. Put your sweetie's down as the Honoree

The love of your life will get thank you notes like these and love you even more for it:

Thank you for the rulers. Now we can measure all types of things like books and shoes. It just was a good idea."

Thank you so much for the notebook paper for our classroom! We are so thankful for your generous donation. This will be a great help to us as we are preparing for our state writing tests! Mrs. M's Class

Dear Sir and Lady, We are so happy for the supplies you sent us. We only had one pencil left in our writing center. Thank you.

Dearest Donor, On behalf of myself and my students, I can't begin to thank you enough for the wonderful surprise I received today. And, such great timing too! Today we actually ran out of the many pencils I had purchased for my students. I was sure that I had at least 30 at the beginning of this week alone. I can't wait to show my kids all of the goodies they've received and look forward to them sharing their thankfulness with you. Much thanks and appreciation for everything!! Have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday
season!! Ms. K

Dear person who gave us things. Thank you so much for the erasers, pencils, and markers. We really needed the pencils very bad.

Put a smile on someone's face today.

Supply Our Schools


quilly said...

As a school teacher I can tell you that this is a wonderful idea. I often buy crayons, paper and pencils with my own monies.

Susan at Stony River said...

I love this idea!
My husband used to sometimes remember to pick up a bunch of wilted flowers at the gas station on the way home for me, but that was back when we were wildly in love. Pffft.
Crayons it is!! LOL