Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Random Dozen

Well, starting the new year off with a caffeine jolt, Linda gives us some challenging questions this week! Wow! If you'd like to play, or even if you wouldn't like to play but don't want to be left out, go to Linda's blog, Second Cup of Coffee, to get the questions and the 'rules'...

1. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a cranky-baby-hissy-fitter, how much of a complainer are you? Depends on when...there are cycles, you know. I think on average, I'm about a 5.

2. When someone else is talking, do you listen, or are you thinking about what you're going to say in response? Regrettably, I'm often thinking about my next line. Especially if it's funny...or they're having trouble getting to the point.

3. I just deleted 1062 messages from my email account. Do you have any plans for a clean sweep this month--of anything? Yesterday I put away all the folders that were sitting on top of, and around, the 'to be filed' basket . . . which had overflowed sometime back in August. Today there are already 4 out again. I quit.

And now, here are some brilliant questions from a gal named Angie at Angie's Ad Lib who graciously offered to let me borrow her brain. Please go over and see Angie because it was so nice of her to help me out. Thank you so much, Angie!

4. Tell us about your perfume. Was it a gift? What does it remind you of? Do you have a signature scent? Perfumes make my eyes water and give me a headache . . . so none for me thanks.

5. What is your best organizing tip for the new year?
Freecycle. If you get rid of it, you don't have to organize it.

6. What is your favorite comic strip? "Zits". I have teens. One is a boy. "Zits" is my life, only funnier. Although sometimes "Rhymes With Orange" makes me fall out of my chair laughing.

7. Do you sleep with a fluffy or flat pillow? Both. Fluffy so I can prop up while I read. Flat for when I'm ready to sleep so I don't get an achy neck.

8. What color is your kitchen? Why did you choose that color? It's a color called "Bone"... an off-white. Our house is surrounded by trees (see the header) so if I go any darker, the room is too dark. I am thinking of changing it so if anyone has any suggestions, I'm open. Not anything with pink though.

9. What’s the most interesting bumper sticker you’ve seen? The one that the woman at the library very carefully placed on her brand new car in January 2005. It said "John Kerry". Think about it. Everytime I remember it, I start smiling. If you don't get this, e-mail me and I'll explain.

10. Do you prefer an expensive writing tool or whatever is lying around? (Are you a Montblanc or a Papermate?) I'm picky, but not towards the expensive end, just the style. I like a fine point pen. If I had an expensive one someone around here would pick it up and walk off with it anyway.

11. What chore doesn’t feel like a chore – you just enjoy it (at least most of the time)? Cooking.

12. If your parents often repeated themselves, what is something one of them said more than once? Don't believe everything you read. My 21st century version of that for the kids is, "what's your source?" They tell me I sound like a lawyer. Well...yeah. Go figure.

Thanks Lid! By the way, I probably won't visit most of you until Thursday, but I will get there. Wednesday is just CRAZY for me and by the time I'm back home, the router is off. On purpose. Yeah, it applies to even me.


Deb said...

Zits is one of my favs too!!! I have a 17 year old son and it usually always hits the nail on the head!!

kara with a k said...

Zits is my parents favorite comic strip and they are often pointing it out to me. It is pretty funny. My mom particularly liked one she saw over Christmas where the mom was trying to get Jeremy to help with decorating the tree and he wasn't interested until she gave him the ultimatum of doing that or helping her set up a Facebook page and he was more than willing to help with the tree! That was eerily similiar to mine and my mom's relationship. She is not so computer and technology savvy. Scary that I am likened to a teenage boy in that scenario. Anyways.

The Bug said...

LOL the John Kerry bumper sticker! She was just showing how she voted I reckon...

Kay said...

I am soo with you on the perfume. Chokes me to death most of the time.

Hi, I'm Angie! said...

Zits! I read it, laugh aloud, put it in my 16-yr-old's lap for his perusal and get the eye roll. Love it!

Have very dark rooms in my house. I just painted two bathrooms from the white Behr line at Home Depot. One had a tinge of blue, one a tinge of yellow. Love both, but the yellow is my fave. My kitchen (which is dark) is a butter yellow, as well.

Mocha with Linda said...

Lots of us moms of teenagers like Zits! He really captures real life!

Melli said...

I need to put a bumper sticker on my computer screen that says "FREECYCLE" - because I always forget about them - and they ARE perfect for getting rid of things! SOMEbody wants EVERYTHING! LOL!

My kitchen couldn't be dark - not even in YOUR house! I put pictures with the question! See for yourself!

Barbara H. said...

Yes, I do remember hearing that line now, too, now that you mention it.

I'm the same with #2. When someone is rambling it is harder for me to stay with them.

Amy said...

I like the "getting to the point" part...sometimes I just want to tap my watch and say "get on with it"...

Love your answers!!


quilly said...

Free-Cycle hasn't made it west. I don't know why. I am certain I would use it!

Having a lawyer for a mom must be a lot like having a scientist for a mate. Amoeba always wants stats, data analysis, and reproducible outcomes.

Cathy said...

Fun answers! A lot of people have been saying Zits. I must go check this out. I don't have a son, but I have 2 teenage girls, so that means boyfriends who are teenagers.

Abiding Branch said...

Ok WOW that picture on your header is glorious! Sorry you were all stuck though.
I see a lot of these comments on the comics due to teen boys, mine is 11. I will have to check them out!
At one point I had a personal trainer and her exercise room was called quiet solitude and it was actually silver but at times looked soft grey/blue or light sage green It was way cool and calming too. Great for a pilates room.

Jill said...

Fantastic picture on your header. Your answers really made me laugh! And it took me a moment, but I got the bumper sticker.

Susan at Stony River said...

I love that header picture, and all the snow! (I like looking at snow, but not living in it LOL)

Enjoyed your answers too -- I wonder how many John Kerry bumper stickers she's got, for future cars? LOL