Monday, January 18, 2010

Cursing the . . .

Well, I guess yesterday I was whining and complaining and cursing the darkness, and the light, and everything in between.

I have TERRIBLE distance vision. I had noticed I needed new lenses, especially at night. So I had an appointment, got the prescription and went to get it filled. At the same time, I'm getting to where I need reading glasses, so I got progressive lenses.

Although I can now read the tiny print in my Bible just fine, one of the affects of the progressives is that my peripheral vision is affected. Before where I could just slide my eyes right or left, now I have to move my whole head. Still doable though.

But last night we went out and . . . my ability to discern shapes and read signs is no better than it was with the old prescription. (My husband was driving!).

By the time we got home yesterday evening my eyes were exhausted. So I went to bed while everyone else watched a movie together. This was at 8:30 p.m!

This morning I wore my contacts to the gym -- I don't need to read anything and it makes it easier to exercise. So now my eyes are completely confused and my head hurts again.

BUT, I remembered a few minutes ago (when I was getting ready to gripe out loud again) that our pastor showed a film clip yesterday in honor of Sanctity of Life Sunday. It was of a young man, Patrick Henry Hughes, who defies the label "disabled." If you want to see a clip that will make you stop complaining for a few minutes, see this:


Susan at Stony River said...

The video won't work for me thanks to my poky connection, but I can sure sympathise with the aging (pardon me, changing!) eyesight. I've always had lousy distance vision, and now in my forties they're starting to correct themselves -- but of course nobody told my glasses LOL. ARGH.

SouthLakesMom said...

Susan, the video is about a young man who was born without eyes and with a genetic condition that prevents him from straightening his limbs, so he is in a wheelchair. Yet, at age 9 months he started playing piano and has become an amazingly gifted musician. Now he is a member of the U of Louisville Marching Band! He plays and his dad pushes. A labor of love for dad, and when asked what disability meant to him, Patrick Hughes said, "nothing".

So . . . while my eyes don't see perfectly, they do see, and I'm SO, SO, SO grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

I've seen this before and it truly is inspirational. I had lasic for distance and have never ever regretted it. It worked like a charm. But the older I've gotten my close up is horrible so I wear glasses for that from Longs Drugs LOL. Oh ain't old age grand :)

quilly said...

What an incredible video.

"The music of opportunity and the sound of potential."

Powerful stuff.