Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Two Steps Forward

Three Steps Back

I've been doing so well on watching the calorie intake, usually coming in under what was budgeted for the day.

But today, I thought we'd be having our Annual "Baked Potato Fest" after our Community Bible Study Leaders' Time, so I budgeted and planned for that in my count for the day. I even ran by the store this morning and picked up a cake of a kind I DON'T like (very selfish of me but stay tuned).

It turns out I had the day wrong. Still, since I had brought the cake, I sliced it and set it out and found it easy to resist (remember, I didn't like this flavor). The ladies who did indulge raved about it and asked which Giant Store I'd bought it at! So even though I thought I was being selfish by not bringing a "GOOD" flavor, it turned out to be a huge hit! There was only one slice left to send home with one of the moms who had a teen boy at home (it had nuts so it was a no-no for my teen son).

Then I stopped at my favorite place for a "small" lunch after CBS leaders group today. When I got home and looked at their website and saw what I had eaten, I realized that I can choose to have noodles with my spaghetti tonight if I'm also going to take time to exercise on the Wii, or I can just have sauce without noodles. It's homemade, so the sauce is good, but I think I'll do the Wii.

Note to self: Don't stop at Quiznos on the days you don't have time to do any devoted exercising!


Susan at Stony River said...

Congratulations on choosing a hit of a cake that you could resist! I'm going crazy here at day 12, but I have lost 3 pounds so far. Only I dream of floating on sugar cookie rafts on chocolate oceans under marshmallow clouds...wake up hungry...
Good luck and hang in there. I swear dieting is a full time job!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad the cake was a success. That's something I would do but I wouldn't think it's being selfish...just damn smart on my end LOL Keep up the good work :)