Friday, January 22, 2010

Complaint or Statement of Fact?

I went to the car dealer today for an appointment for new brakes. (S of F)
The appointment was at 8:30. (S of F)
I was there at 8:30 (S of F)
They told me it would take until 11. (S of F)
At 11:00 I went down the hall to check. (S of F)
They said an hour more. (S of F)
At 12:00 I went down the hall to check. (S of F)
They said 1:00 and offered me a rental car but I declined. (S of F)
At 1:00 I went down the hall to check. (S of F)
They said they were out of the pads and had been waiting for them to be delivered from another dealership. (S of F)
I took the car. (S of F)

I got a lot done, including my Bible Study for the day and some necessary phone calls. (S of F)
Their customer internet was 'off' more than it was 'on'. (S of F)

I didn't rant, I didn't rave, I didn't COMPLAIN . . . but I did insist that they honor the 10% off coupon I'd left on my kitchen table. (S of F)

They did and they're paying for the rental car which is so cool because it has a GPS. I wonder where I can go that I've never been before to try it out and be back in time to pick up my car tomorrow by noon.

So honestly, for all the times in my HEAD that I complained today, I moved the bracelet a couple of times.

But the fact that I didn't drip venom on anyone else feels pretty good this evening. So I think it's working. (S of F)

Anyone want a bracelet?


Anonymous said...

Well alls well that ends least so far. :)

quilly said...

You did well. I am certain I would have been much less friendly.

If you sent me a bracelet I am certain I would complain about it. I have a hard time wearing jewelry. Any more even a watch makes me crazy.