Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Random Dozen

Linda at 2nd Cup asks penetrating questions again... Join us!

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you crave? Popcorn. Last night. More of a yen than a craving.
2. M & M's or Skittles? M&M's. I hate how skittles get stuck in your teeth.
3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through? Yes, a friend and I one year did the chronological reading per day. It was hard, but doable.
4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning?Depends on how late the kids will be for school. Hah. No, usually about 10 minutes.
5. Have you ever been on a cruise?
If not, would you like to?No, and not interested.
6. Who is your favorite actress?Meryl Streep
7. ______ is something that I will just never understand. Atheism
8. How much of a technology junkie are you? About 30%. I love the convenience of the internet, but I don't text and I don't twitter and I rarely go on facebook because real life is quite time-filling enough!
9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you? I used to enjoy it until it started to cost an arm and a leg. Now I am very selective as to content and recipient!
10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut? Uh-oh...I need a haircut right now. I guess you all will embolden me to try something new.
11. What do you enjoy shopping for most? Kitchen gadgets and pans, etc. The possibilities....
12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house? "Bye, Stevie" . . . that's the budgie.


Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Great answers to the dozen today!

Your #4 cracked me up...
And your $7 (atheism) is an answer I could have used, too.

Have a great day!

sara said...

I with you on shopping!!! I could shop in a kitchen store all day!!!

great answers!

Susan at Stony River said...

Definitely M&M's over Skittles!

I'm with you on the greeting cards -- my mother and I used to love sending pretty cards back and forth, for all occasions and any occasion. Now, jeez, I can buy a box of chocolates instead for what some of them cost. But I guess people just don't send letters any more.

Good luck with the haircut!

kara with a k said...

#11 I love looking through Cook's catalog and Williams and Sonoma catalog at all the cookware, bakeware and kitchen gadgets, one of my favorite kinds of "shopping" (hopefully that's still considered shopping if I never leave the house?).

#7 Me neither!

Melli said...

I wish I craved things like popcorn!

And I LOVE that the last thing you do is say bye to the birdie! I miss our little cockatiel... she was such a sweetie!

I keep SAYING I'm going to read through the Bible in a year - I have even bought a one year Bible! But I think I'm going to do it in TWO years. I don't want to RUSH through it just to do it...

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Aw...# 12 reminded me of a little Lesser Goldfinch we used to have. He was wild, but we rescued him when he just had pin feathers and hand raised him. He didn't know he was a bird. Named him Chuck, because I almost stepped on him while wearing my Converse Chuck Taylors. Whenever I came back from being gone, he'd greet me with a big ole CHEEP! Unfortunately, he flew into a ceiling fan and we lost him. Loved your answers. Didn't participate today because dd had her wisdome teeth out and just didn't have time...have a happy week..

Amy said...

I love shopping for kitchen gadgets too...I forgot about those. I love to cook and bake and my most favorite presents have been my new dutch oven, good knives, my kitchen aid mixer, and my silicone tongs...I know I am pretty easy to please. I love the new silicone stuff.

Great Answers

Jill said...

Number 4 cracked me up!

Mocha with Linda said...

I love popcorn!!

And amen to #7.

Cathy said...

Good answers. Atheism is something I will never understand either. I picked Sandra Bullock, but I really like Meryl Streep too.

Susanne said...

I'm giving the chronological read through a go this year. Glad to hear it's doable!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh how I love Budgies. You have won my heart all over again.